Ifrah Foundation is a registered charity in the Republic of Ireland: RCN 20141554 | CHY 21629 | CLG 643603 

A certified NGO in the Federal Republic of Somalia: 
0001-D 2019 

Ifrah Foundation's registered address:
3 Main Street, Glaslough, Co Monaghan, Ireland.

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 "Be the voice, not the victim" 

Ifrah Ahmed



Ifrah Foundation was founded in 2010 by Ifrah Ahmed, an Irish citizen originally from Somalia. Ifrah Ahmed is one of the world's foremost campaigners against FGM/C and is

Gender Advisor to the Government of Somalia.  

Ifrah Foundation is a registered charity in Ireland and in Somalia.


Model of SYSTEMIC Change

Ifrah Foundation has developed a ‘Model of Systemic Change’ program, which relies on working in partnership with key stakeholders, including government agencies and civil society, to amplify and sustain our three pillars of action: Advocacy, Awareness Raising and Community Empowerment. 



Ifrah Foundation is Currently Planning a Media Academy for Somalia in Partnership with the Global Media Campaign Founded by The Guardian.



Ifrah Foundation is Liaising with Legal Action Worldwide and the Somali Government on its Commitment to Enshrine FGM/C Legislation in Somalia.


Community education programs

Ifrah and Ifrah Foundation Conduct On-Going Community Education and Empowerment Programs in Somalia Including A Highly Successful Outreach ‘Ambassador Network’ 

Project and its ‘Dear Daughter’ Campaign