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Ifrah Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors whose principal responsibilities are strategic direction of the organisation, monitoring compliance while ensuring the efficient and effective use of resources. The Board of Directors meets on average 6 times per year and is made up of a variety of pertinent skills to compliment the delivery of the Foundation’s mission. The Foundation’s Board of Directors operates sub-committee as needed and currently has two: Governance and Finance sub-committees. No remuneration is paid to Directors for their services on the Board. Directly incurred expenses are reimbursed, if claimed. Ifrah Foundation’s Directors are required to declare any conflicts of interest at the start of every Board meeting.

In November 2018 the Charities Regulator launched the Charities Governance Code, which sets the minimum standards, which everyone on the board of a registered charity, should ensure their charity meets in order to effectively manage and control their organisations.

The Charities Governance Code consists of six principles of governance. These are:

  1. Advancing charitable purpose

  2. Behaving with integrity

  3. Leading people

  4. Exercising control

  5. Working effectively

  6. Being accountable and transparent

The six principles are linked to the legal duties of charity trustees. The Code specifically aims to help charity trustees to put good governance systems and processes in place which will assist them in meeting their legal duties under charity law.

Good governance minimises the risk of fraud and other damaging practices – ensuring a charity is managed in a professional, transparent, and accountable way. This also serves to give confidence to funders and donors.

Ifrah Foundation has achieved full compliance with the 6 principles of the Charities Regulators Charity Governance Code. 





 Ifrah Foundation is committed to being accountable for our actions and the decisions we take, that our interactions, activities and programmes are of the highest standards and that our staff conduct is always respectful of others.

We aim to listen to the needs, concerns, and views of those involved in our programme work (our donors and supporters, the communities and individuals involved in the activities we fund, our programme partners) as well as all other stakeholders.

We want to hear people’s feedback whether that is positive, identifying a concern or making a complaint. We promise to treat what people tell us seriously and to take appropriate action.

  • Post: postmarked “Private & Confidential” to Executive Director, 3 Main Street, Glaslough, Co. Monaghan, Ireland 

  • Email:

  • Telephone: + 353 87 7447961

If you have a complaint relating to the Executive Director, please address this to the Ifrah Foundation Chairperson, 3 Main Street, Glaslough, Co. Monaghan, Ireland. 


Ifrah Foundation has signed up to the Dóchas Code of Conduct on Images & Messaging and has completed the Charity Regulators Governance Code

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