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Ifrah Foundation has developed a proven ‘Model of Systemic Change’ program for the elimination of FGM/C in Somalia, tailored to the cultural climate of the region.


The 'Model of Systemic Change' program is informed by extensive research, stake-holder consultation and impact evaluation undertaken by Ifrah Foundation in the form of pilot projects as part of its development of a National Action Plan for the elimination of FGM in Somalia. The work was undertaken with the full support of the Somali government in the context of the United Nations SDG, (sustainable development goal), of the global abandonment of FGM by 2030.

Ifrah Foundation's  ‘Model of Systemic Change’ program proposes partnerships with key collaborators, including Government agencies and civil societies, to amplify and sustain the three pillars of action, requiring simultaneous, sustained implementation:

  • Advocacy: Ratifying religious and political leader will for change

  • Awareness raising: Raising awareness in the media as to the extent of the harms (physical, spiritual, psychological), caused by FGM

  • Community Education and Empowerment: To effect elimination at grass roots level by creating a legal, health and social community support system that empowers individuals to stand up against the practice and protects individual girls.




Ifrah Ahmed was appointed gender advisor to the President of Somalia, in 2016.


Ifrah Foundation liaises with LAW, (Legal Action Worldwide) and all relevant stake-holders involved in the parliamentary process to advance the country’s constitutional ban on FGM with legislation intended to deter practitioners.


Ifrah Foundation has held and continues to hold regular high-level conferences encouraging the country’s political and religious leaders to engage in national debate and clarify that Islam does not condone FGM.



Ifrah Foundation collaborates with the Global Media Campaign, founded by The Guardian, on its pan-African media strategy to End FGM.


Our joint activities to date include the facilitation of a number of high-level conferences on FGM and two media training academies in Puntland and Somalia, as well as the on-going creation of relevant media content.


Sustaining the measurable impact of the training academies is key to amplifying all of the advocacy, community education and empowerment goals of the Ifrah Foundation program. Direct action grants to CSOs maintaining the level of media activity as well as on-going content creation including two high impact documentaries which have reached audiences in excess of 15 million.



Ifrah Foundation facilitates community education and empowerment programs in Somalia, including its core ‘Ambassador Network’ initiative, providing training to health and education professionals and GBV CSOs in the field.


Ifrah Foundation has partnered with Trócaire in the initial research and development of its National Action Plan for Somalia, as well as one village at a time pilot projects providing essential learning informing the particular tailoring required for FGM elimination strategies in specific regions of Somalia.


The National Action Plan also intends to provide region wide medical, social and psychological support systems to FGM survivors in Somalia and beyond.

For updates on Ifrah Foundation's progress, activities and forthcoming events, follow us on social media and subscribe to our mailing list .

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